Silly & Serious in Sweden

Silly & Serious in Sweden

Why a blog?

Why not? I know I like reading about other people's ideas and thoughts - whether silly or serious - and also video blogs - aka VLOGS - on YouTube and such. I'm not going to do anything super fabulous here - merely keep a diary of sorts, show you my favorite links, what makes me laugh or what makes me know - the usual stuff. I hope you will enjoy! AND I hope you feel like jumping in an commenting on occasion!

Writing - and writing!

My writing!Posted by Gun Brooke Thu, October 08, 2009 18:39:11
My latest manuscript, "Fierce Overture," my latest romance novel for Bold Strokes Books, are now in the hands of the editor, which is giving me a bit of "free" time. I have stumbled upon a new fandom to write about that I really like. It's called "Gelphie" - which stands for Elphaba and Glinda - the two characters from the book/Broadway musical "Wicked." I really love the characters and the actresses that first portrayed them on Broadway: Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth.

I started a fan fiction on the web site, where I once took my first stumbling fanfiction steps. If you're curiuos and want to give this UBER-Wicked story called "Stormbound" a chance, then please venture over there. Should you want to write a tiny review at the end of the chapters, nobody would be more thrilled than I!

Stormbound - by Gun Brooke - an UBER-Wicked fan fiction story. (new chapters posted several times a week, sometimes daily!)


Lauren, Kandee, Michelle and Risa...

Favorite YouTube clips!Posted by Gun Brooke Thu, October 08, 2009 18:23:05
I'm becoming more and more addicted to makeup. Not only to the eyeshadows, mascaras, etc., but also the people who are really GOOD at it and have the kindness of posting brilliant, funny, and cute videos on YouTube for us makeup-guru-wannabes... smiley

The first one I stumbled upon, at least two years ago, I think, was Lauren Luke. She is a young girl (27, if I'm not mistaken) who goes by the handle "panacea81" on YouTube, Twitter etc. She started out at her house, posting videos on how you apply makeup to look like your favorite celebrity. (Leona Lewis, Britney Spears, Lady GaGa etc.)

She's now having a terrific career because of this. She has her own makeup line "By Lauren Luke", sold online and in the Sefora stores, and has just published a book about her way of doing makeup.

Here are a few links in case you're interested in this lovely person!

Lauren's Official Web Site "By Lauren Luke"

Lauren's YouTube Channel "Panacea81"

I follow three other makeup-guru-girls religiously:

Makeup by Risa

Michelle Pham (Ricebunny)

Kandee the makeup artist



Found a clip of Jarmo - the snow obsessed dog!

The Dogs!Posted by Gun Brooke Thu, July 09, 2009 21:29:58
Jarmo the Wonder-Dog loves snow. He snorts it, he eats it, he digs through it, he chases it (when we throw snowballs) and trying to shovle snow when he's around is darn near impossible!

HERE is a short clip from last winter when he tried to stop Elon from shoveling. :-)

September Canvas available for purchase!!! :-)

My writing!Posted by Gun Brooke Thu, July 09, 2009 20:57:12

Click HERE to read a three page excerpt

My new romance novel "September Canvas" is now available for purchase!

You can get it at or any online bookstore, as well as many real-life bookstores - it if is not on the shelf, ask them to order it for you!

Enjoy and do let me know what you think, if you feel up to dropping me a line!


William - on YouTube again!

Life as I know it!Posted by Gun Brooke Sun, May 17, 2009 08:46:03

Thought I'd link more visibly to William's latest endeavor on YouTube! *grin* Hope you enjoy our little cutey!

Fan fic and uber

My writing!Posted by Gun Brooke Sun, May 17, 2009 08:37:12

I've been contemplating on what to write for my readers who've supported me more or less from day one, when I started out writing Star Trek Voyager Janeway/Seven fan fiction and uber fan fiction. I even emailed my newsletter list, and Janeway7ers at yahoogroups and asked my readers' opinion on what pairings they'd be interested in. I need NEW energy and adventure to kick start the muse. (That little munchkin is a bit reluctant, perhaps due to my recent health situation.)

Several pairings were suggested, but the four names that kept appearing was Jadzia (DS9), Kira (DS9), Samantha Carter (SG-1) and T'Pol (Enterprise)...and any pairing between the four. LOL! So that gives me food for thought and I decided to grab the bull by the horns (or tiger by the tail) and start today.

Thanks to everyone who suggested! I love you for your support and for your loyalty and patience. *hugs!!!*


The Dogs!Posted by Gun Brooke Wed, April 22, 2009 16:32:32

What a handsome fellow Malin and Pentti's dog Jum-Jum is!

Grandson driving son-in-law!

Life as I know it!Posted by Gun Brooke Wed, April 22, 2009 16:29:34

I just had to share! My darling grandson William, 2 years old, is a car-maniac at his tender age. Here he is driving around with his dad in his tent-kinda-car in his room. The look on Pentti's face is priceless!

My darling William deserves more "screen time" in my blog! smiley

What's happened since last update?

Home Improvement! :-)Posted by Gun Brooke Fri, April 17, 2009 23:08:52

The bedroom is coming along nicely if I may say so. We can only do a little every day since we're feeling kinda scruffy ... but spring is here so it's nice to get the bedroom organized and fixed up.

It's Friday...

The Dogs!Posted by Gun Brooke Fri, April 17, 2009 22:59:59

...and Friday means Göran Persson day. Göran Persson was our previous Prime Minister and we fondly named our dogs' favorite treats after him - the pigs ears!!!

So here the pooches are - munching away out on the lawn this afternoon. smiley

Curious Dogs

The Dogs!Posted by Gun Brooke Fri, April 10, 2009 21:11:45

Our neighbor was doing something that really interested our dogs - and since they looked so cute trying to peer out through the gate with their heads pushed together.

Headboard for the bed!

Home Improvement! :-)Posted by Gun Brooke Fri, April 10, 2009 20:25:34

I became ill and our home improvement of the bedroom came to a screeching halt. Now I'm doing a little better and today we dressed up the headboard and attached it just inside the window. We also made the bed with the brand new bed spread and I'm SO pleased regarding the color choices I made. smiley

More to follow as we move along through this project, in case you're curious!


Home Improvement! :-)Posted by Gun Brooke Thu, April 02, 2009 22:28:36

Oh boy - I swear muscles I didn't even know exist ache like there's no tomorrow. I have been working hard in the bedroom all day, wallpapering. I have a bit if an unorthodox idea regarding the design, and I thought I'd keep anyone reading this blog posted on the progress. I am an HGTV addict (when I visit the US) and I hope I have picked up some design-sense (or design-madness!!!) from the home makeovers there. smiley

Here is the wall before we did anything.

And here is the wallpaper that's going up.

And here's how it looks now!

And then there was the other wallpaper - that looks like snake skin...yup--no kidding½

And up on the the backsplash, sort of, inside a shelf.

So - about a third of the work done - so more to come. I promise there's a method to my madness!!! :-)

Teal'c! - part 2

Life as I know it!Posted by Gun Brooke Sun, March 29, 2009 19:09:43

Oh boy - what a day I had yesterday! I went with my family to see Teal'c and it was SO worth the trip. We drove all in all more than 750 kilometers going there and back again, but I'd do it again in a heart beat even if it takes a toll on me. Needless to say, today I'm sprawled on the couch trying to remember my name. *grin*

Teal'c - as in actor Christopher Judge - was so sweet and charming. He seemed really pleased and happy to be in Sweden signing pics and dvd boxes and I lucked out as there seemed to be a moments of stillness when I approached him. I had decided that I was going to give him one of my Sci Fi novels as a thank you for him being there and signing, so I was a bit nervous. I had also promised a friend in South Africa to say hello, and I was internally rehearsing what I was going to say. It all went down something like this.

Gun: Hello, Christopher, my name is Gun, and I'm so pleased to meet you. Thank you for coming to Sweden. My family and I watch Stargate reruns all the time and we just love the show. I have so many friends all over the world who does too, especially my friend in South Africa.

Chris: Hello. Nice to meet you. *shaking hands*

Gun: First of all, I have a present for you. I am a writer, and I write science fiction, so I thought I'd sign a book for you to bring home.

Christ: Really? That's great. *accepts Rebel's Quest and peruses it carefully* Wow, this is fantastic.

Gun: I hope you will enjoy it. And if you could sign this for me, I'd be so grateful. *hands over the Stargate SG1 Continuum DVD which Chris signs "Gun, thank you INDEED. Chris Judge"*

(I'm ready to leap across the table to give him a hug, but restraining myself)

Gun: Thank you so much. Now, tell me, is it true what Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter) said in an interview online that you're doing another made-for-DVD movie?"

Chris: Yes, we start shooting in December.

Gun: Oh cool! *doing dorky thumbs up* Thank you. I just want to say that you always take such good care of you fans in the Stargate realm. We're grateful about that.

Chris: I'm so glad to hear this. Thank you.

Gun: Thank you. Thank you very much. *wheels off in wheel chair towards Elon who was ready with the camera the whole time* Eeeeeeeeeehhhhhh! *waves DVD box* Look, look, look! smiley

Here is a picture of a ZAT gun - a Goa'uld weapon from Stargate - how cool is this, said the super-SG-geek!

There was such a big crowd it wasn't easy to take any good pictures but we got a few shots of very DIFFERENT things. So, everything from Terminator to Tootsie's dress (you remember the movies with Dustin Hoffman, right?) and a fellow with nails in his head.


Life as I know it!Posted by Gun Brooke Wed, March 25, 2009 09:55:36

I'm pretty sure I'm going to make a fool of myself on Saturday. I can't promise not to, it's as simple as that. My family and I are going to Malmö, Sweden's third biggest city, to go toa Sci Fi convention. The main attraction, as far as we are concerned, is Teal'c. Also known as actor Christopher Judge, who plays the character in Stargate: SG1. We love that show and all it's characters and it's so cool that one of them is coming to Sweden! I will get a picture and an autograph if I have to stand in line the whole day. smiley

Yesterday I cut my mother-in-law's hair, and she was very pleased. It had grown so long, she actually felt light headed just from having it cut! Imagine that!

I had two video conversation with my son (he's away at boarding school - drama program) yesterday, for the first time, and these new web cams are really impressive. Very little delay, and hardly any sound problems. I remember not long ago when they kept freezing up and it was more of a hassle than fun.

Hope life treats everyone well, and that spring has sprung wherever you are in the world! smiley

Doggie class!

The Dogs!Posted by Gun Brooke Sat, March 21, 2009 20:36:19

Today was our third time to take our dogs to doggie class - my daughter Malin and I and our dogs Seven, the labrador retriever and Jum-Jum, her rottweiler. We had a lot of fun and the dogs too! We trained heel, stay, and "no" - the latter is when you hold out a piece of doggie treat and say "no!" and they're supposed to turn their head away when all they really want is to wolf it down ASAP. Seven already knows that part - you can practically push the treat under her lip and say no, and she won't take it until you say "good girl, there you go!" So she's really good at learning - although - have to say that it is very enticing for her to have her nose in the ground and track other dogs and animals. Almost better than meatballs. Almost!

Snow Dogs!

The Dogs!Posted by Gun Brooke Sun, March 15, 2009 13:42:31

Here is a film clip of our dogs frolicking around in the snow with the biggest stick you ever saw. Jarmo is totally stick-obsessed, and he is protecting his price possession from Seven, the 10 month old puppy. They're having a blast here, and I tried to make the film short and sweet so people won't be bored to tears. So if you like dogs - enjoy! :-)

Illness in the family

Life as I know it!Posted by Gun Brooke Sun, March 15, 2009 13:25:17

Hi everybody,

No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. We've had some stuff to deal with here - my mother-in-law became ill again so we spent all of Friday afternoon/evening in the ER with her. Poor mom-in-law, she has something we call Rose Fever - an aggressive skin condition on her feet and shins. She's in the hospital with antibiotica treatment as we speak. She's always treated me like her own flesh and blood, and I love her to bits. Worried for her, naturally. She's 81 and not doing so well, gets confused easily and so on. She was always our rock, so capable and feisty--it just isn't fair that she has to endure being so wobbly and sick... but such is life, I fear.

So, any vibes or good thoughts or prayers you can spare for a woman who lived through WW2 in Denmark as a child/teenager, and who has worked hard all her life and only thought of her son and his family, way before doing something for herself, do send them to my mom-in-law. Her names is Edith.

Thanks. *hugs*


My grandson William!

Favorite YouTube clips!Posted by Gun Brooke Sat, March 07, 2009 13:16:25

William is going to be two years old on April 2. He is all about music. Air guitar, singing, and dancing. He's favorite thing is MTV as well as TV commercial jingles. smiley

His parents filmed him when he performed last month, and I have put the clip up on YouTube for you all to see. What a star in the making!

Wonderful Swedish voice

Favorite YouTube clips!Posted by Gun Brooke Sat, March 07, 2009 10:45:31

Another favorite YouTube clip - this one pretty recent. I only found it this morning while searching for something else, and it became an instant fav. I just love all the brilliant, beautiful Swedish voices in the world wide music business. We are a small nation - 9 million people, but we do put our mark on the worl - and the music world especially.

Here is Anna Ternheim, and her song "What Have I Done?"

Here is also a LINK to her official web site.

So if blond Swedish girls with devine, personal voices are your thing - head on over!

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