Silly & Serious in Sweden

Silly & Serious in Sweden

Why a blog?

Why not? I know I like reading about other people's ideas and thoughts - whether silly or serious - and also video blogs - aka VLOGS - on YouTube and such. I'm not going to do anything super fabulous here - merely keep a diary of sorts, show you my favorite links, what makes me laugh or what makes me know - the usual stuff. I hope you will enjoy! AND I hope you feel like jumping in an commenting on occasion!

Life altering makeup!

Favorite YouTube clips!Posted by Gun Brooke Thu, March 05, 2009 16:25:02

Who would've guessed that make up would change the life of a person so radically!?

I stumbled upon a girl on YouTube, her name is Lauren Luke, but her YouTube handle is Panacea81. She started selling makeup on Ebay to work from home since she's a single mother to a ten year old boy. She had her son when she was sixteen, and life hasn't been easy for her. She was bullied in school because of her weight etc., and she's pretty much been void of self-confidence ever since.

So, here she is, selling makeup via Ebay, posting pictures of her own eyes showing how nice you can apply it. She starts getting questions from buyers how exactly you go about creating such great results and that's when Lauren gets the idea to make a video clip of how she does it, and put it on YouTube.

Soon she starts creating celebrity inspired looks, and when she does Leona Lewis' look from the Bleeding Heart music video - she gets TONS of hits. So far, I think 32 miljon hits, counting all her vids. She's got her own beauty column in The Guardian (she's in Newcastle, UK) and she is launching her own makeup line any day together with an American firm based in New York.

The BBC is doing another special about her and her success, and she's the best YouTuber in the UK, as I understand it.

She's my daughter's age and I think Lauren deserves everything that's happening. She's great fun to watch on YouTube whether you like makeup or not, because she puts her vids up WYSIWYG style (what you see is what you get) - no editing. She talks about her day, her life, and she's not afraid of looking silly or doing something less than perfect. And she's very talented when it comes to putting on makeup - that goes without saying. If you want to get to know Laurean (Panacea81) then click below!