Silly & Serious in Sweden

Silly & Serious in Sweden

Why a blog?

Why not? I know I like reading about other people's ideas and thoughts - whether silly or serious - and also video blogs - aka VLOGS - on YouTube and such. I'm not going to do anything super fabulous here - merely keep a diary of sorts, show you my favorite links, what makes me laugh or what makes me know - the usual stuff. I hope you will enjoy! AND I hope you feel like jumping in an commenting on occasion!

Latest pic of our dogs!

The Dogs!Posted by Gun Brooke Tue, February 24, 2009 12:17:08

Jarmo the Wonder-Dog and Seven are the best of friends these days. They do everything together, except at night when Jarmo prefers the couch and Seven prefers the queen size bed. (Shoving me and Elon to the side without any scruples.)

Here is a picture we took just a few weeks ago.