Silly & Serious in Sweden

Silly & Serious in Sweden

Why a blog?

Why not? I know I like reading about other people's ideas and thoughts - whether silly or serious - and also video blogs - aka VLOGS - on YouTube and such. I'm not going to do anything super fabulous here - merely keep a diary of sorts, show you my favorite links, what makes me laugh or what makes me know - the usual stuff. I hope you will enjoy! AND I hope you feel like jumping in an commenting on occasion!

Doggy classes!

The Dogs!Posted by Gun Brooke Sun, March 01, 2009 04:22:50

Our little girl Seven, a black Labrador Retriever, and I, went to our second class yesterday and she did great. I learned a terrific method of teaching her to walk close to my left side, without having to pull on the leash hardly anything at all. I am to use my voice, my body language and the mighty allure of the Swedish meatball, and Seven responded to this like she'd never been fed in her life. Never underestimate the power of the meatball, I say.

My daughter Malin and her boy Jum-Jum, a Rottweiler, takes the same class, and he is, IMHO, the star of the bunch. Jum-Jum is one big teddybear of a dog - but all muscles, and a power package like you couldn't believe.

Jum-Jum with his beloved ball.

Seven is one of the dogs with the best stamina there, I think. Several of the others sort of konked out, mentally, after a while. Their brains got tired, the instructor said, which is normal when you're new at training this way. Seven hasn't heard of going tired that way, so she kept trying to please me to get her little paws on that small piece of meatball. (A meatball can last quite a long time, I cut it in eight pieces.)

Sevem with a chewie-toy. Chewing is a way of life, says Seven.

We have so much fun just observing the dogs together, and they teach us so much, both about them, and about us. After the kids grew up, having the dogs in our lives is wonderful in every way. Even if you have to get the rain gear out and go out when there is a freezing cold drizzle outside. Even then!

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